Autumn’s most beautiful list !


Written by Ariadne.

Autumn. I believe I’ve always liked this word. Although, “fall”is more precise, and maybe more poetic since you can picture yellow or brown leaves falling from nearly naked trees… However, autumn is like a parade of musical notes as they slip from your tongue and fall from your lips in order to compose one single sound; one that sounds like this season ; like this time of the year; simple, smoothing, and beautiful. Just before winter’s arrival, which seems so much earlier than the year before, I may present to you some of the most “beautiful” shots in movies, as I remember them to be. As I remember autumn to always have been.

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Movies… so you won’t give up on dreaming!


Written by Ariadne

My dear fellas,

That’s the phrase I used in order to introduce my first article here and I’m gonna need it once more for my final one, or at least one of the very last I’m composing as a student here. See, this was never just a blog and my posts were never just merely, ordinary movie lists; they were rather a way to communicate what we, as students, love to do more;  to dream! Either on a piece of paper when writing or drawing, a blindingly bright computer screen, either with our eyes open or when looking into someone or when our teacher is lecturing, sometimes we spent most of our time …dreaming. When the buzz of this big city proves to be louder than our heartbeats; or when your thoughts sound more shrilling than the lyrics of your favourite song I just say to you to cast your eyes to those memories of yours you cherish the most… Those dreams as a child in summer camp, those walks after school during autumn, those long talks with your friends , those things that never grow old and whisper to you the kind of person you are and you wanted to be. In a glimpse of time , student years will be nothing but a distant memory, so as a farewell, here’s a list that teaches that nothing’s easy but if you dream big, your dreams won’t fail you. In a time that we probably need it most, a list about you and what your dreams are made of…

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