Autumn’s most beautiful list !


Written by Ariadne.

Autumn. I believe I’ve always liked this word. Although, “fall”is more precise, and maybe more poetic since you can picture yellow or brown leaves falling from nearly naked trees… However, autumn is like a parade of musical notes as they slip from your tongue and fall from your lips in order to compose one single sound; one that sounds like this season ; like this time of the year; simple, smoothing, and beautiful. Just before winter’s arrival, which seems so much earlier than the year before, I may present to you some of the most “beautiful” shots in movies, as I remember them to be. As I remember autumn to always have been.

5)Lovely Bones (2009)

Based on the 2002 novel of the same name, Peter Jackson attempted to revitalize, seven years afterwards, Alice Sebold’s chiling story of a young girl who’s been hideously murdered and now finds herself trapped in the “in-between world.” Along with her parents , the girl tries to cope with her demise and, simultaneously, help her folks deal with it and their subsequent anger and sorrow or otherwise, help them trace her murderer who has always been their fellow neighbor across the street. Peter Jackson has created something of  pure magic here, something of the taste of heavens, something that perhaps only dreams or his imagination could reach.





4) Edward Scissorhands (1990)

As an old, never forgotten though, Christmas tale, Edward Scissorhands has been my warmest autumn memory (cause sometimes it would be aired on tv an early November or October weekend). As such, I believe it’s very unlikely for children who have seen this gothic tale to walk away from Edward’s sculptures, “stylish” haircuts in dogs and housewives, those colourful houses in a row with the gothic castle on the top right at the edge, its garden, Winona’s dance in the pouring snow and Edward’s big starry eyes.







3) The Tree of Life (2011)

I don’t quite know how to describe The Tree of Life or my sentiments while watching it or ,in fact, how could anybody describe it. But I think it would be fair to say that the winner of the 2011 Palme D’Or is definitely one of those movies you keep thinking upon, you may believe you have seen shots of it once, maybe in a dream or a familiar place, you might feel dizzy and experience the whole of it as a strange ,transcending experience. In a nutshell, The Tree of Life  is about what we are, who we are, the “before,” the “after” and the “in-between” of our world and what we call “life.”








2) What Dreams May Come (1998)

Given in Greek with a title that resonates something as “I’ll find you in Paradise,” this film by Vincent Ward tries to communicate as its original title above ,which is taken from the famous monologue of Hamlet  , everything that we expect, we dream, or things and people we wish to find and encounter when… dreams is the only thing that may come !





1) Fantasia 2000 (1999)

Just before the new millennium , Walt Disney Pictures offered all kiddies around the world (including me!) a magical and priceless experience!  A real miracle divided in short stories as in a book of tales, covered in the sounds and visual effects of  Disney world accompanied by its best cast and heroes, new groovy members and its timeless , original thrill and chills in abundance !











Thas was me pals! Hoped I brought up some old (but goodie) memories, intrigued you enough to create new ones and finally, being motivating enough to make you enrich your watch lists !

See you soon

And take care

Bye   Bye !




















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