Misfits (not the band) review

Written by Vanitas

A series with more ups and downs than a cardiograph

Meet the loveable misfits! Teenagers on probation for minor crimes that get into all sorts of trouble! Like accidental murder, more murder, a zombie apocalypse, time travel and a little more murder.


Οk, let’s kick it down a notch. The “Misfits” are 5 young men and women on probation that accidentally get superpowers during “The Storm”. Basically lightning strikes them and their greatest desires become super powers. For example, the runner that his life was ruined due to getting caught with drugs can rewind time. The pervert can turn invisible, the girl with the low self-esteem gets to read people’s minds etc (I won’t spoil the rest). But they are not the only ones with superpowers, a lot of people throughout the city are affected by the storm. In the first two seasons you get to LOVE the band, their chemistry is insanely good and the story is pretty interesting.


But in season 3 the downfall starts. Nathan, arguably the most charismatic of the lot, leaves Misfits for personal reasons and he is replaced by Rudy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved Rudy but he cannot replace Nathan. The writers change, the plot becomes more comic than serious and the series is heading to nowhere. The fact that “The storm gives you the powers you desire” is thrown out the window with powers like “extreme bad luck” and things like that.


By the end of season 4 there is no one left from the original cast and even though I truly liked the new cast it just feels…off. Sure there were some epic moments and sure I laughed at some of them and I cannot say that I didn’t enjoy misfits, but after a point the show is just a drag. Even though I am usually harsh on series that lose their momentum like that, I would definitely recommend checking the first seasons. If I had to rate the show overall then it’s a 6.5/10. Anyway here’s my short review to Misfits; a show that leaves you with a bittersweet taste after you finish the last season. Pretty much cause of the shitty ending.


By the way, yeah, ^that’s the final cast they actually changed e v e r y o n e. Anyway, it’s a cool series to watch but don’t have too high expectations (don’t forget to see the special episode “Vegas, Baby!”).


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