Julieta (2016): A Story as intense as the red colour.

Written by Eleanor.


The latest film of Pedro Almodóvar is another addition to his well-established and admirable cinematic trademark. Get ready to experience one of the most heartbreaking family drama, as intense as the red color and as complex as life itself. The theme of mother-daughter relation is here again for all of us who still enjoy diving into Almodóvar’s obsession with family dramas and the complexity and heroism within the female nature. The director’s love and admiration of the female figure and beauty is always there; multiple close-ups on female eyes, lips,  hands and feet become the windows from where we can get a glimpse of feelings and emotions. Complexity and mystery are added to the protagonist’s personality, who is one step away from a complete emotional collapse.

Julieta de Pedro Almodóvar. © El Deseo
Julieta de Pedro Almodóvar. © El Deseo

Julieta is a middle-aged woman who is ready to move from Madrid to Portugal with her partner. The unexpected encounter with an old friend of her daughter Antía, disturbs the happy and calm Julieta, whom we got introduced to at the beginning of the film. Julieta’s pain and grief, which were suppressed, seem to gradually burst. Past memories, mistakes and decisions come to light mixed with moments of happiness and sorrow. Julieta starts looking for Antía, who disappeared when she was 18 and avoided any form of contact with her mother. Julieta is now ready to start a journey back to her past and face her own faults that might have led Antía to her disappearance.


Using red as the prevalent colour in the film, Almodóvar engulfs the personal drama with the intense emotions of passion, love, lust, sensuality and eventually pain and sorrow when associating red with blood. All these emotions are gradually awaken through Julieta’s flashbacks. A personal drama that will get under your skin. A separation which remains an open wound, a mother that went through a lot of pain, a daughter who tried to support her but then sought for escape. Choices and mistakes that affected both women, changed their lives and led to their separation. Is mother-daughter love strong enough to reunite them?


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