Her (2013): “I feel like I can be anything with you”.

Written by Eleanor.


image source: athenacinema.com

Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is a lonely man, who tries to get his pieces back together after his wife ended their marriage. Unable to move on with his life and getting more and more detached from human interactions, Theodore installs an operating system to help him organize his computer and his daily program. Theodore’s operating system, Samantha, functions, at first, as a kind of secretary but gradually evolves into a good friend.

They start having conversations about human life and they get close with each other, developing a warm relationship. While both of them enjoy the company of each other, Theodore and Samantha develop a romantic relationship in the most unconventional way; a human being, in love with an operating system, which may not have a body but it gradually develops human feelings and abilities. Theodore sees life in a brighter way thanks to Samantha. He feels rejoiced, ready to let go of his past, admit his mistakes and get his pieces back together.


image source: indiewire.com

In all its unconventionality, Her takes place in a future world, governed by technology, where human beings are replaced by computers and robotic creatures feel more alive than ever. Creating a melancholic, warm and romantic atmosphere, the movie foreshadows in a complex and terrifying way the future radical development of technology. Joaquin Phoenix and his mesmerizing way of portraying a romantic and sensitive character achieve to get in the skin of the viewers and to deliver quite a shocking futuristic reality in the most beautiful, innocent and artistic way.

Her is not just a love story about a human being and a computer but it is a tribute to humanity itself. It is the story of the complexity of human feelings, which will survive and characterize us forever. In the most lonely periods of our lives, like Theodore, we seek for love, human warmth and affection. A complex theme which is visualized in the most simple way, makes the coldest of hearts melt.



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