A Single Man (2009) Dir. Tom Ford /“For the past nine months, waking up has actually hurt”.

Written by Eleanor.


image source: fashioninfilms.com

George Falconer (Colin Firth) is a middle-aged homosexual Englishman college professor, who lives and works in Los Angeles. The movie follows a single day of George’s life, eight months after he lost his partner, Jim (Matthew Goode) in a car accident. After living with Jim for 14 years, George is unable to cope with his loss and his grief, wakes up in the morning and tries to be like Jim: positive and always in a happy mood. George lives in the past, where he and Jim were happy and in love, and he is trapped in a repetitive and melancholic life. George’s weariness of life brings forth his suicidal instincts.

When George gets closer with one of his college students, his life gains a joyful and fresh turn. They break the boundaries of the professor-student relationship and George sees a brighter side of life, tries to revive his own personal life and to transgress the mourning stage. Stable rock in George’s life, Charley (Julianne Moore) is George’s closest friend who has been in love with him for many years. She cannot accept George’s homosexuality and especially his denial to be in a relationship with her.


Wonderfully chosen, the saturated colors along with the slow-motioned scenes visualize the weariness of living that George experiences, the stagnancy in his personal life and George’s desire to live in the past. These dull colors subside whenever George experiences happy moments throughout the day. In contrast to the-mainly- dull colors of the present, the flashbacks to the past are gracefully painted with a bright and warm palette.

Colin Firth wearing an indifferent and sunk-in-sorrow look, portrays perfectly the loss of meaning and happiness in George life, his grief and inner struggle. The laconic way of speaking and the painfully slow bodily movements construct a living-dead character, emphasize the pain of loss and the complete disorientation coming after an unexpected loss. An aesthetic masterpiece that is concerned with making us feel a lot by visualizing pain in the most powerful way…. A movie about love, loss, friendship, emotions, which reminds us the unpredictability of life.




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