Movies… so you won’t give up on dreaming!


Written by Ariadne

My dear fellas,

That’s the phrase I used in order to introduce my first article here and I’m gonna need it once more for my final one, or at least one of the very last I’m composing as a student here. See, this was never just a blog and my posts were never just merely, ordinary movie lists; they were rather a way to communicate what we, as students, love to do more;  to dream! Either on a piece of paper when writing or drawing, a blindingly bright computer screen, either with our eyes open or when looking into someone or when our teacher is lecturing, sometimes we spent most of our time …dreaming. When the buzz of this big city proves to be louder than our heartbeats; or when your thoughts sound more shrilling than the lyrics of your favourite song I just say to you to cast your eyes to those memories of yours you cherish the most… Those dreams as a child in summer camp, those walks after school during autumn, those long talks with your friends , those things that never grow old and whisper to you the kind of person you are and you wanted to be. In a glimpse of time , student years will be nothing but a distant memory, so as a farewell, here’s a list that teaches that nothing’s easy but if you dream big, your dreams won’t fail you. In a time that we probably need it most, a list about you and what your dreams are made of…

7.  Walk the Line (2005)

Sometimes, we’ve got dreams for ourselves much bigger than the ones we are permitted to have. We may join the Air Force and do everything our community or family says it’s right and acceptable to pursue but the music that resonates within our hearts may prove larger than life. And If I may denote a special meaning to this humble list, that’s it then. Try to be bigger than life and dream big. I used to listen and wave my thoughts in the sound of Johnny Cash’s Hurt as a teenager and this, here, is a magnificent biographical drama starring Joacquin Phoenix based on his life. One of the finest and most touching films I’ve ever recommended is one about traumatic family experiences, the pursuit of your dreams, unconditional love and real-life heroes that just prove to be bigger than life.



6. Hercules (1997)

One of my all-time favourite Disney movies, is this one based on the legendary hero of Greek mythology, Heracles, the son of Zeus. See, Heracles was a boy who had a lot of trouble growing up, a constant feeling of not belonging and one that nobody seemed pleased or settled by his presence around him. But that was just because Heracles was no ordinary boy but an extraordinary one instead. He was the son of Zeus , born to be a real hero, driven by his big dreams, aspirations and will to help defying every danger or death. Along the way, Heracles has beside him Phil, who dreams of training the greatest hero ever been but he’s afraid that dreams like these are just  for rookies. And the question is… are they? Cause the thing is that we all know the legend of Heracles; so many , thousands of years after ,and that’s because a real hero cannot be measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart. And that’s why gods have hung a picture of him in the stars so that everyone will see…


5. View From the Top (2003)

View From the Top is no cinematic masterpiece (no one shall deny this) it has a certain quality though that urged me to introduce it into this list. We all have goals, right? No matter how real or unreal they might be, the hard thing is to achieve them and not get distracted. To be patient and persistent, and not lose that part of one’s self that makes you the person you are. Gwyneth Paltrow had had some misfortunes on her way of becoming a flight attendant, her biggest dream. But does she quit? No, she doesn’t! And it seems that not to quit, not to give up on you is the hardest and most crucial part of all when conquering your goals. Well, will you?


4. Joy (2015)

I can still recall the very first time I had seen the trailer of Joy, it must have been, more or less, just a year ago, and upon its time of release …it never slipped my mind! There was this line by Jennifer Lawrence, in her imposing and husky voice… “Don’t ever think that the world owes you anything, because it doesn’t. The world doesn’t owe you anything.” There’s this general belief that things may happen. That amazing things can happen for you. And it’s meant to be this way but all this is just… bullshit! Nothing ever gets to happen because life is a struggle and only when you struggle, life turns the way you dreamed of it. Joy Mangano was the valedictorian of her class full of dreams and bright expectations from life  who now appears as a young, divorced mother of three who lives under the same roof with her entire dysfunctional family, her ex-husband and three mortgages. Joy is Davis O.Russel’s latest movie about  Joy Mangano , a self -made millionaire who created her own business empire. People will try to bring you down and tell you who you are but when you don’t give up ,there comes a point where you’ll see life… as a real joy!


Check out trailer here:


3. Midnight in Paris (2011)

Midnight in Paris is this surreal , extraordinary film about a newly married writer who has lost his way and cannot seem to find some sort of inspiration for his new book. Maybe, simply all it takes in order to find yourself and the inspiration you were looking for, is just a trip to the magical city of lights, the city of Paris. There, dreams come true. There, all your icons might still be alive and you might find yoursel chatting with them in a secret dark path, somewhere under Montmartre. But the way I see it , what it takes ,is simply to breathe in, reconnect with all these things that have shaped your mentality, the person you are, the way you think and what you believe in. All these things that make you dream when you fall asleep at nights and everything that fuels your imagination and the fire of the many paths of your heart.


2. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Sometimes, dreams can become a tiresome burden. A dream that once we were glad to carry on but anymore seems to have the proportions of a real nightmare which like a cloud shadows every single day of our life and detaches us from what we call reality. And there comes a point where is hard to acknowledge anymore what has been real or true, an illusion or a fading memory and the most tantalizing of all “Imagine if you suddenly learned that the people, the places, the moments most important to you were not gone, not dead, but worse, had never been. What kind of hell would that be?…” In this American biographical drama film of 2001, Russel Crowe  portrays the Nobel Laureate in Economics John Nash, his life , his ideas and dreams ,depicted when they didn’t seem as such anymore. Maybe we need to tame all our desires to find happiness , everything that drives us somewhere , even our appetite to dream and imagine as Nash argues. But maybe , after all, all the reasons we are and we exist, is because we need to believe that something extraordinary is possible at the very end.

050 A Beautiful Mind

  1. Into The Wild (2007)


I feel like writing about this movie more than ever before… Like writing about the lands my mind traveled through while watching it for the second time and all the situations I saw myself related to… I bet you all have dreamt of traveling somewhere far, far away ; that you all have a secret destination you dream of going and that you all bear a dream-trip in mind that you wish you will accomplish someday really soon. Based on the life of Christopher McCandless , Into The Wild follows the travels and adventures of a bright young man who has just finished college and decides to defy and reject all the values of modern capitalist society and find himself lost, deep into the wild. Paralyzed by the mesmerizing beauty, liveliness and wilderness of the landscapes he explores, this breathtaking film directed by Sean Penn offers an ethical meaning much more profound than the emergent one; that of forgiveness, and letting go, cause when you forgive, you love and then, only by then, you can reach real happiness in life. At the end, happiness only real when shared and if you want something , reach out and grab it.




That was me pals, once more! That one above was my list , about movies that I find inspiring , beautiful and dream-like. I hope this summer has been a real pleasure for you guys and the fall or winter that is coming to be of no exception. It’s been a joy to be working for you , I wish you all a wonderful summer

Lots of love

And take care…

To my class of 2012, Department of English                                                                                 Language and Literature of the University of Athens

Best of luck







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