The Hottest Scenes in Movie History *


*according to me (!)

Written by Ariadne

And time goes by, and we stand already in the heart of the summer season… The summer breeze flashes by when the night turns into layers of morning skies, and we stand there as the sun rises and goes down… No matter the breeze or the sea or the fun , these days and nights are the most boring and fascinating among the entire year and we were craving for them to come as little kids stay up all night waiting for the Christmas morning. For these hot summer days of yours as you remember them to be and as you imagine them to come, I may present as a gift, a list of the hottest scenes in the history of cinema, cause it’s summer and it’s meant to be this way.

10. Exotica(1994)

Have you ever dreamed of being somewhere ; a place of fade lighting where you are surrounded by strangers and overwhelmed by an uncanny feeling that weird and fascinating things will soon happen there? This place is called Exotica. A night club covered with exotic plants and sounds; no actual world exists there and no ordinary relationships between the staff and the clients are to be found in . Maybe it’s a dream but it’s rather coloured in the dark shades of hell and you are invited and attracted to go inside. The first thing you’ll see there… Christina. Dressed in a school uniform, she dances for your pleasure as she looks right through you. Exotica is so much more than it seems , it’s a real cinematic masterpiece and a capitalist depiction of the psychosynthesis of modern man. Exotica is about everything and about you as well.




9. Basic Instinct(1992)

This epic, so memorable and repeatedly captioned in people’s minds erotic thriller has been a milestone in mainstream Hollywood cinema as for its graphic representations of nudity and, most of all, sexuality. Either as a neo-noir film or a psychological thriller, Basic Instinct is meant to play with your mind , feelings, judgement and primitive instincts. As Sharon Stone plays recklessly in the film with psychopathy, her sexual orientation and narcissism, the police detectives who investigate the curious case of murder she gets involved, lose their mind in the sight of her legs crossing…


8. 91/2 Weeks (1986)

Either as dancing to Joe Cocker’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On” behind open shutters and fade lighting ,or tasting cherries, chili peppers and milk while blindfolded by the hands of Mickey Rourke , Kim Basinger becomes an iconic erotic symbol for many decades ever since the release of this film by Adrian Lyne. And just the sound of this song has remained  a call and an anthem for private dances ever since.


7. Poison Ivy(1992)

Known as a former child-star, Drew Barrymore had a troubled childhood and adolescence. At the age of fifteen she was out of rehab and was looking to put her career back together into its former glory. The first successful movie she did , was a sensational and much discussed drama which competed for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Festival of the year and was entitled Poison Ivy.  The seductive, manipulative and trashy teen Ivy, begins an interesting friendship with Sylvie Cooper, an antisocial and misanthropic wealthy girl at her new school. The two girls seem to enjoy the company of one another and their friendship is established, but as the story unfolds, Ivy seems to desire one very specific thing from Sylvie’s dysfunctional but loving family; to have it as her own. The means Ivy uses to get what she wants are reckless, cunning and immoral, and one ordinary rainy day after school , Ivy goes home accompanied by Sylvie’s father. And what Ivy wants, Ivy gets.


6. Et Dieu… Crea la femme (1956)

Under the hot sun of Saint -Tropez in 1956, Roger Vadim films his first wife Brigitte Bardot in a movie called And God… Created Woman. A beautiful young girl split between her loving husband and the man she is in love with who happens to be her brother in law. No great lines or unexpected twists are somewhere to be found in Vadim’s scenario, this film though, thanks to BB’s iconic and rampant image of beauty and grace represent both a celebration and a rampage of female sexuality as it lays upon the wet sand of the French Riviera or wildly dances in front of men in the rhythms of mambo music.



5. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Stanley Kubrick’s last film was completed only four days before his death and it bears the enigmatic title Eyes Wide Shut. Based on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novella Traumnovelle , Dr.Bill Harford wanders around New York City on Christmas eve. The things he sees and the people he encounters remain a mystery to us up until one crucial point. His discovery of a secret society where ancient rituals and massive orgies take place. Christmas take unexpected turns around the snowy corners of this large city and reveal the people’s darkest and scariest dreams that unfortunately, very often… come true.


4. a) Malena(2000)

Giuseppe Tornatore used to remind us what it’s like to be a kid , to dream and to remember. His movies usually bear this extraordinary capacity of taking you back to a time and a place that not even your wildest memories would have revitalised that beautifully. Malena is thus a  memory, a fantasy, a familiar landscape, Sicily and the part of yourself you wish you could forget but still lives inside of you. This Sicilian woman and her life during the outbreak of World War II determine young Renato’s sentiments, behaviour and self for the rest of his life. For Renato, as well as for us as audience , it’s hard to walk away from this image of hers ever since this film; and the name of hers, Monica Belucci.


b) Taking Lives(2004)

In this psychological thiller of 2004, Angelina Jolie is the successful FBI profiler Illeana Scott who settles in Montreal in order to help the investigation of a serial killer who seems to be stealing his victims’ lives. With elements of a story like Seven  or Basic Instinct , Taking Lives is able to infatuate you and steal your mind away. If not though, Ethan Hawke amd Angelina Jolie may seduce you thanks to one very particular scene.


3. The Broken Circle Breakdown(2012)

In this Belgian masterpiece of 2012, love both spiritual and physical devour the entire place of Ghent, the cast and dialogues and as audience we stand mesmerized under the spell that Didier and Elise cast on us . A fairy tale that turns into a poignant drama able to tear your heart into rags. Among this plethora of mixed and contradicted feelings , one of the sexiest scenes I’ve ever seen, takes place between those two lovers.


2. Crash (1996)

David Cronenberg’s psychological drama is meant to make you feel uncomfortable and aroused by its hard, violent and graphic depictions of various people who have survived car crashes and then enjoy the performance of sexual activities in anything related to street accidents. The energy released by such an accident is able to arouse and offer them a pleasure they seemed to be seeking for a long time now. This film that won the Special Jury Prize at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival had provoked mixed and divergent reactions from critics, but if anything , this film is way too steamy and sexy to be ignored.


  1. L’amant(1992)

L’amant is a beautiful French film by Jean-Jacques Annaud based on the semi-autobiographical 1984 novel by Marguerite Duras. It portrays the affair between a teenage French girl of a boarding school and a wealthy Chinese man in French Indochina. Under the tense lighting and atmosphere of a hot summer afternoon , as its beams lay among the shadows of the people who pass by, the two lovers meet everyday in a room of a crowded street. L’amant is a story like nothing you’ve ever seen before as it is about extremely lustful desires in the face of disguised, unexpected love.



-Bonus Film

And for those of you asking for a bit of some extra mainstream cinema to offer, the latest movie of this genre: 50 Shades of Grey (2015). The movie proved itself to be lower than the expectations of most of us , it contains though some prolific scenes of coarse sensuality we shouldn’t miss. When Rihanna so powerfully sang S&M in 2010 she wouldn’t have imagined what movie could appear to match her song! In the red room of Mr. Grey … Ladies and gentlemen, his 50 shades…


My dear fellas, that was me (Ariadne) and this was my list. If you believe I forgot some exquisite choices out of this list, I urge you to note them down and tell me about it! I don’t believe though that that’s possible, I’m only saying.

I hope my list was a delight for you in this hot summer Saturday of July and that you’ll want to visit it back!

Enjoy the summer and have fun out there

Many kisses and love



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