Gaspar Noé (1963-): 6 things to know & 4 movies to watch.

Written by Eleanor.

This is my most humble opinion on the filmography of Gaspar Noé in an attempt to catch a glimpse of his complex and most peculiar way of exploring Cinema and his even more complex personality. Enjoy!


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  1. Gaspar Noé was born in Argentina but he lives and works in France. Experimenting with drugs himself, he creates characters that have their own personal ‘addiction’ of any kind.
  2. He aspires to make movies that ‘disrupt and disturb’ the audience.

  3. He is the director and the screenwriter of all his films.

  4. He has his own cinematic style: he is in favor of actors’ improvisation, experiment with the angles of shooting a film, psychedelic colors and music, social nihilism, backwards narration in his movies, violence, drugs, sex scenes.

  5. He was influenced by Stanley Kubrick and after watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, he decided to become a director.
  6. His movies belong to a film series called ‘cinema of the body’. This term is referring to films that break taboos and capture from real-time sexual intercourse to hardcore violence.

Gaspar Noé‘s movies offer a unique and an unforgettable cinematic experience.  His movies promise to give you something that you have never seen before, challenge your cinematic taste and shock you. So, here are the four movies that you NEED to watch!

I Stand Alone (1998) [original title: Seul Contre Tous]


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The first feature-length movie of the director explores the social isolation of an anonymous butcher, who is abandoned by his wife after the birth of their daughter. Trying to be a good and a protective father, he kills a man who thinks he raped his daughter and goes to jail. After he is released and married for the second time, he feels the pressure of the society and of his new wife. For this reason, he takes a gun and decides to take revenge from the three people who humiliated most in his life. In his attempt to reunite with his daughter, the man tries to fight his personal demons. A film about rejection, abandonment and alienation. The story line shifts from meaningful interactions to narrative over-voice, which expose the protagonist’s inner thoughts.

Irreversible (2002)


The most well-known movie by Gaspar Noé, Irreversible, was the unexpected diamond. After his first movie, the director wanted to make Enter the Void, but he didn’t have enough money to do so. For this reason, he started writing Irreversible, while Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel agreed to work with Noé. The movie is narrated backwards and many flashbacks give details of the traumatic night. The couple, Alex (Bellucci) and Marcus (Cassel) attend a party and when Marcus, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, starts to act inappropriately, Alex leaves the party alone. Walking alone in the tube, Alex is being attacked by a stranger,who rapes and severely beats her. Including probably the most disturbing rape scene, the movie explores the passionate relationship of the couple and the psychological breakdown of Marcus, who seeks revenge for his girlfriend’s rape.

Enter The Void (2009)


Experimenting with the themes of life and death, Enter the Void is a movie about Oscar, who is shot and killed in a drug deal. Minutes after his death, Oscar’s soul gets out of his body and wanders around the city of Tokyo in order to observe the consequences of his death and to seek resurrection. As the omniscient viewers, we see and observe everything as the soul enters apartments, brothels, clubs and sees and hears everything. We have a panoramic view of a colorful neon-lighted city, we are the eyes of Oscar. A psychedelic movie that constitutes an aesthetic diamond.

Love (2015)


Murphy is an American film student who lives in Paris. Murphy meets Electra and the two lovers develop a sexually and emotionally intense relationship. Everything changes when their beautiful young neighbor, Omi, is sexually involved in the relationship. Narrating their relationship backwards, Murphy re-evaluates his actions and his choices. Nintroduces a new way of dealing with sexual intercourse on-screen and challenges the fine line between Art and pornography. Experimenting with the use of 3D, Noé offers a highly sensual experience to the audience and he surprises us with the use of 3D in a drama movie.




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