The Monster in the North


Written by Vanitas


 In the game of thrones, you either win or you die. This is not just a quote by Cersei, these are the rules of the game of thrones. Why is a game with only one rule difficult? Because not everyone can make the choice that will lead to victory. Guilt, compassion, love, revenge, wine and hate, all of the above are reasons that have lead to the deaths of a lot of people. So what’s the way to win the Game of Thrones? Is it dragons? Ships? An army of undead? An army of wildlings? Cavalry? Sure it can be all that. But all of these need a leader. And who is the perfect leader? Well my vote goes to the Bastard of Bolton, the Red Helm, the Monster in the North, Ramsay Snow and I will try to convince you why. The article contains heavy spoilers.

ramsay-snow (Could I seriously NOT include the sausage gif?)

 Almost every main character that now lies dead has made a mistake. Robb Stark married, Ned Stark disturbed the wrong people, Jon Snow trusted the wrong people, Viserys demanded a lot, Joffrey was too dangerous and so on the list goes. Ramsay didn’t do anything that wasn’t according to his plan. His really, really evil plan. Breaking a prince and turning him into his eunich pet, killing one of the last Stark boys just to piss off Jon Snow, killing his own father and his baby half-brother is just a normal Tuesday for Ramsay. Eventually, what makes a great player in the game of thrones is the absence of feelings in order to make all of the right choices.
But Ramsay does not care about the Iron Throne. Ramsay does not care about King’s Landing. He only cares about his self-preservation and self-improvement. He wants power and he wants to show his power. He might be insane, he might be bat-shit crazy, but he is not foolish. He is a genius. In the Battle of the Bastards he used the corpses of his men to create an impassable wall and trap the forces of Jon Snow into a pit of death. That’s because the battlefield is his chessboard and the soldiers are expendable pieces. This cold and harsh logic is what wins battles.2.jpg

His voice is steady, his humour is dark and his smile brings chills down your spine. He IS dishonest. He IS dangerous and you SHOULD be afraid of him. He has a plan and he plays by his own rules. If you bore, him you will suffer. If you betray him, you will suffer. He will toy with you, flay you, probably rape you and if you are lucky enough, he will kill you. The Monster in the North may now lie dead, his face brutalized by his hungry hounds, but the storm he brought will never be forgotten by the ones who stood in his wake. Maybe you won’t miss Ramsay, but I sure as hell will because he was a great villain and I won’t deny that he was indeed the villain. Now that Winter has finally come, will the remaining forces be enough to repel the vast undead army of the White Walkers? Westeros stands in ruins and the Night King is at full strength.


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