Guys we wish we had, but they only exist in movies…!


Written by Ariadne

Talking about movies, what we take home when walking away from the theater, what keeps us dreaming or staying up late reminiscing over something we saw… There are things, or,  better, characters that might be spinning over and over in our minds not that often in terms of their flaws but rather in their supreme quality of conduct. And we might try to spend our entire life trying to transform it into some kind of work of art , a beautiful movie, but some characters are just meant to exist only in the gigantic screens of these dark rooms we call cinemas. Here I may present to you the most brilliant I ever found in those rooms…

10.Christian from Moulin Rouge! (2001)

It was only in the beginning of the new millenium that Baz Luhrmann brought to us one of the finest and most memorable musicals in the form of a pseudo-pastiche musical jukebox or maybe a dj’s compilation where lyrics and theatrical lines fuse incestuously into one another. Along with Luhrmann’s many idealist heroes, Christian who craves and daydreams of a better world filled with all the bohemian ideals, stands above all the rest as he sings the greatest lyrics of all time by The Beatles, Kiss, Elton John, Whitney Houston and so many more to the actress and courtesan of Moulin Rouge, Satine in order to utter his pure, consuming and breathtaking love to her. And when their love surrenders to the tragic fate , Christian completes a story about them; a story about “love that will live forever.” (oh, crap!)


9. Patrick Verona from 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Tracing back at people’s various efforts to describe love, or the true meaning of love, Shakespeare might have been the greatest , and probably his most controversial, innovative and honest version of true love was Taming of the Shrew.  The case here, is that love alternates us in ways hard to picture for ourselves, up until the moment they actually get to happen. The antisocial and sullen Kat has to date “bad boy” Patrick so that her sister Bianca will be allowed to date Cameron . Although the two teenagers, initially ,obliged by force or other interests to do so , it’s hard to ignore some of Patrick’s very deeds; such as singing “Can’t take my eyes off you” live , at school, accompanied by the marching band while Kat practises with her class. And how do we know that these two are truly in love? In her version of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 141, Kat writes a poem entitled “10 Thing I hate About You” for Patrick and that’s how we know. I mean, that’s how we all know… right?


8. Mark  from  Love actually (2003)

All stories from Love Actually are (actually) meant to show the intricate and formidable ways in which love sneaks into our lives and shapes our behaviour and sentiments from that point on.The one however that striked me the most ,was that of Mark’s. His best friend gets married and Mark doesn’t really seem fond of his friend’s new wife to be, Juliet. When Juliet unexpectedly comes at Mark’s for a visit and timidly asks for a favor, to watch the wedding tape that Mark shot in search for some good shots of hers, the video reveals a series of beautiful shots from the glowing bride and only. Nothing else …but her. Akward silence spreads between those two when suddenly, at Christmas eve, Mark appears on the threshold holding a boom box playing Christmas songs and cue cards to express what he couldn’t do till now; explaining that the reason he only does it now is just because it’s Christmas and at this time we are all supposed to be true.


7. Jacob Palmer  from  Crazy Stupid Love (2011)

Is it ever possible, I mean realistically possible to meet one of these typical guys from a bar, who will have the face and the body of Ryan Gosling, will acquire the art of seduction better than James Bond and yet fall in love for you, get to live at a house filled with all sorts of unnecessary luxurious commodities located in Hollywood Hills while concealing traumatic feelings from his years as a child after his mother’s abandonment? Well you’ve got your answer at the title above the list !


6. Charles  from  4 Weddings and A Funeral (1994)

The typical introvert British guy incorporated in Hugh Grant’s seductive accent and nerdish looks falling for the extrovert American Woman who’s about to get married. In his stuttered and confused words while talking about small things and irrelevant stuff , a deeper truth is being disclosed. That of a romantic never expressed or realized before , love confession for a girl about to get married. A year later that boy stands in the aisle to marry another woman … find out why he’s in the list !


5. Joe Black  from  Meet Joe Black (1998)

The story of Joe Black is a tale where the usual and the unusual intermingle as dreams often intermingle with reality. Joe ,an angel, comes to Earth in order to walk down the path of a mortal under the instructions of Bill’s wisdom and experience; but he cannot walk away from the superior mortal sentiment that ascends humans from this state , the sentiment of love. And so, an angel desires to be a human or bring a human soul back to life for the woman he fell fatally in love with.


4. Alexandre Peck  from  Tell No One (2006)

Eight years struggling to put your life back together and forget. Forget the loss, the tragedy and the emptiness that have been spread upon you ever since a tragic night. But maybe a single piece of evidence , as simple as an email, as insignificant and fleeting as a spare look are able to trigger a series of events, a chain of secrets and your life on the run in the pursuit of some fragments of what you had and now you claim back. This French thriller by Guillaume Canet portrays one of the most fascinating characters of modern filmography and the most breathtaking neo-noir filmed story of murder, loss and hidden secrets.


3. Edward Lewis  from  Pretty Woman (1990)

My obvious choice here of Edward Lewis, does not ( I’m afraid) lie on the standards of a wealthy and successful corporate raider in Los Angeles who gets romantically involved  with a street hooker and their “happily ever after” ending. My choice lies on the standards set by an old -fashion movie named My Fair Lady; but much more plainly and discreetly set this time. The unique ability of seeing and being able to treat a woman like a lady without necessarily being one. In the end, and as it turns out from reality too, being a lady isn’t that closely linked with appearance after all.


2. Salvatore from Cinema Paradiso (1988)

In Cinema Paradiso we deal once more with dreamers . Dreamers about the art of cinema , the ones that make their innocent and childish dreams to come true. And as it seems , as dreamers that they are , they have romantic expectations from life too. And as Salvatore falls for the beautiful, wealthy daughter who ,however, rejects his feelings, a promise is now being made. For every night he would stand beneath her window to prove his love , waiting for a sign , no matter when or if this sigh shall ever come… Cause dreamers -if they do exist- all they have to do ; is dream. And sometimes, dreams come true.


  1. The unnamed driver  from   Drive  (2011)              

Plunged into a world of darkness, another , American this time, neo-noir crime thriller starring Ryan Gosling , offers its own explanation in what sort of turns life gets, when your promises prove to be greater than the ones you can keep. This sunshined rally thriller , a prototype maybe of Quentin Tarantino’s  Deathproof about the lives of Hollywood stunt drivers , is a colourful and apalling bloodbath. In this bloodbath , a single person has a noble cause and an elevator scene has reassured this character’s top position. You know why?




So pals, this was me , Ariadne and that was my list! Hope you liked it and thought it was the best thing you’ve ever read! Till next time… take care!

(Drive carefully!)

And enjoy the summer !!


Bye !!




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