Only Lovers Left Alive (2013): Atmospheric, Sensual, Dark and Wild.

Written by Eleanor.


image source:tumblr

Adam and Eve are two vampires, who have been in love for hundreds of years but they currently live many miles apart. Adam is disappointed by humanity and sees his future with pessimism, while Eve has an optimistic view of life and enjoys immortality. When Adam starts to feel suicidal, Eve travels back to him. Reunited in Detroit, the lovers subvert the belief that ‘nothing lasts forever’… well, Adam and Eve embellished immortality with their love for each other and their passion for the Arts. However, the idyllic secluded time together will be interrupted by Eve’s sister, who is unable to control her thirst for human blood. When Ava (Eve’s sister) is out of control, the lovers have to make big decisions for their lives…


image source: brightestyoungthings

A magnificent movie, painted with the warm colors of red and yellow and accompanied by atmospheric music soundtracks, which will hypnotize your senses. Existential and philosophical statements on human existence are successfully conveyed by the use of -sometimes- poetic language and the allusions on literature and philosophy. The slow-paced plot of the movie and the music background reflect the self-consciousness of the two protagonists, their inner stability but also the boredom of eternity, which they have to fight. An aesthetic masterpiece that turned poetry and music into a visual reflection, which makes us believe in the beauty of love and in the magic of the Arts.



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