Written by Augustine


Some of these I grew up with, some of these I found accidentally while searching the Net.. But each one is unique for different reasons. Beware, the list includes a lot of fangirling and references to hot dudes. But I think every tv show that made it up this list is totally worth your time and love.
Shall we start?



14. Charmed

This show epitomizes the passing of my childhood to my teenage years. When I was twelve and most of my friends were dreaming about castles and fairy tales, I was dreaming about becoming a witch and having the kick-ass powers of Piper who blew up everything and froze time, Phoebe’s killer body moves and intuition, Prue’s telepathy and Paige’s telekinetic orbing (yes, I googled the definition and it’s there!). I never missed an episode and I may catch again some once in a while.
And for the record, Leo, the blonde Whitelighter, is mine.


13. The Secret Circle

I truly believe that this show would have been a major hit if it weren’t for its only one season. Budget costs and perhaps a not-so-willing CW to keep it in their agenda for another year was the reason it got cancelled… so much for the forbidden romance of Cassie and Adam! The story repeats classic motifs: high-school dramas and teen relationships but somewhere in the in-between demons, witches and the battle of good vs. evil magic. Since I have read the first three books on which the tv show was based, I have to say I really liked the show even if it did not have any relation whatsoever with L J Smith’s fiction. The directing was decent as well as the special effects and the acting (kinda).
I would be a liar if I did not admit that I wished for Cassie’s bedroom and journal. And perhaps Adam, Nick or Nick’s cousin. Actually Adam’s, Nick’s, Diane’s and Cassie’s fathers are pretty damn hot as well. But I insist on my first trio.
Yes, I’m stopping now.


12. Engrenages

This french procedural tv drama should be a first choice for those who
a. love everything that has to do with CSI, FBI, CIA and all the acronyms b. love watching the exposure of the authorities
c. love some gory scenes as well.
The show is comprised by a decent direction and great plot devices, while the actors grow on you. This show is one of my recommendations for anyone who wants to watch something truly groundbreaking and shocking.

Haven - Season 4

11. Haven

Hell yes, it’s Haven’s time and I’m pretty glad it made it up this list. I randomly discovered the show when I was seventeen and I immediately was hooked on it. But then, for some unidentifiable reason I stopped watching it and I caught up again with the rest of the episodes after two years or so. The direction and the shots have an almost too realist touch with intense coloring, the acting is great and the plot, even if it had some minors in the last season, it was overall really, really good and original. Loosely based on Stephen’s King “The Colorado Kid”, it is a notable American-Canadian production of the ’00s. And why not try it, there are some hotties in there as well!
(Duke fangirl here!)


10. Criminal Minds

You will have probably realized by now that I’m a fan of police dramas, but I have an argument to overthrow you: I do like them but I prefer some psychology in there as well. So, Criminal Minds does that in the best way possible: the behavioral unit team delivers optimal profile analyses based only on thorough psychic evaluation which helps the bureau to take down every wanted criminal. Each episode includes a different story and many of them are too shocking as well. It’s so damn informative and I am glad I have learned a lot about the pathology of criminals, stalkers… and stuff.

(P.S: I love my boys like I love Dr. Reid: nerdy, smart asses and with glasses!:P)


9. Vikings

A decent historical tv show following the story of Ragnar Lothbrock, a famous and legendary Norse hero known as “the scourge” throughout England and France (thanks Wikipedia!). Toxic masculinity? Yes. Some provocative sexist moments? Yes. But, the Norse themes and mythologies are really interesting (at least to me, since I had a crush on everything Norse some years back). It also gets better with each episode which is a rather difficult task for any tv series to manage. Plus, the soundtrack is great (and Lagertha for that matter).


8. Daredevil

Netflix’s original tv series is another great example of notable contemporary American television that totally deserves your time. I fell in love with the mystery and the “darkness” of the show, the plot and the unique pace of every episode. Many say it is a total waste of time, but I prefer it over too mainstream and only for the sake of ratings tv shows like….. The Flash (sorry DC kiddos, not a fan of this one).


7. Black Mirror

It is really difficult for me to actually not rate this show higher in the list, but I can’t betray the rest of my fandoms (you will soon see why). I am a huge fan of sci-fi, dystopias and dramas as well and this tv show with its independent, stand-alone episodes serves my taste with every way possible. Great social allegories, great plot and acting– overall, an outstanding production that is DEFINITELY worth your time (I am actually trying to shout using capslock here, bare with me).


6. The Walking Dead

Zombies, zombies everywhere. I have pretty damn established that I love dystopian things and TWD is definitely another series that should not be missing from this list. The idea is pretty original (if you come to think about it, do we have any other decent zombie tv series out there as well?) The characters are fucking awesome and the thrill is also fucking awesome. Daryl for the win babes!


5. How To Get Away With Murder

Ugh, Viola Davis. You watch her and you listen to her. Ugh, Shonda Rhimes. You stand put and admire her. Ugh, a socially informed tv show with numerous references about incidents happening in the US. A show which praises intersectionality and female endurance. I cannot really express my admiration for the producers of this show, my adoration for Viola and the rest of her team. HTGAWM has it all: suspense, mystery, legal issues, social issues, police issues, drama, love, sex.. It kills a lot of birds with one stone and if you have not watched it, PLEASE DO. And there are plenty characters to fangirl over: Frank, Frank and …. Frank.

Luther S4

4. Luther

Idris Elba is among my top 5 Hollywood men (I mean I would travel across the seas for him) and not only is he fucking gorgeous –do I start with his voice, knuckles and smile and do I end with his height and body? – but he’s also a fucking great actor. This tv show promises all the thrill and excitement and mystery and great directing and acting a BBC production always has and if you have not watched it yet, you have to. You really, really, really do. I mean, why you still haven’t done it? Seriously, you have to. I’m BEGGING you, please do.


3. Sherlock

BENEDICT AND MARTIN ARE THE BEST BROMANCE EVER. There I said it! This show is one of the best of our century and let me tell you why: not only because of Benedict and his enormous acting, but also because of the music, the direction, the photography and the storyline. It is one of the most successful productions of BBC and that is why they torture us with so few episodes and such a long time of waiting for the new season…. They’re masochists but we love the show all the more for that, right?


2. Doctor Who

The only reason this show is NOT ranked first in my list is the fact that I started watching it in my late teens and that is almost two years ago (around my 20’s I suppose). What CAN I possibly say about this AMAZING, EXTRAORDINARY, UNIQUE SERIES? Nothing. A small space in a list will not do justice to it. A thrilling and often dramatic storyline, one that promises feelings and tears and hearts breaking into millions of pieces. Science-fiction, suspense, drama, dystopias, romance, family moments and inner anxieties are merged into thousands of episodes (because, let’s not forget the Classic Who right?) – episodes which will make you shout, cry and yell and die a little bit inside.
P.S: I’ve only watched the New Who (that is the relaunch after 2005) and I have to say that Christopher Eccleston is perhaps my favorite of all (even if I fell in love with David) because he was sassy and hot and fun and eerie AND from North England 🙂


1. Supernatural

When I was fourteen I started watching Supernatural but I stopped after the episode with Bloody Mary because I thought of it as way too scary to handle (I do not have a strong emotional endurance when it comes to horror movies). But, after a while, my cousin who’s the same age as me started watching it and he was MOCKING ME because I did not have the guts to stand it. Well, challenge accepted obviously. I remember staying all day and night to watch the third season and I remember bleeding internally (metaphorically speaking of course) from everything that was going on with the brothers and their fucked up lives.
The story arc includes demons, angels, Leviathans, the Apocalypse, a lot of family drama, Bobbie, Sam’s hotness and Dean’s puppy eyes. It recycles a lot of American legends like the Wendigo and La Llorona (this is actually a Latin American one) and with its too american soundtrack (“Don’t you cry no moreeeeee…”) as well as Dean’s too american muscle car (Dodge me up a little bit, baby!)this series is a hymn for all american stuff as well. You should totally watch it up until season five – yes, then it got down the road. But I know many who are still faithful fans. I suppose… I’m not?
P.S: Sam over Dean for sure.

DISCLAIMER: I still have a lot of series to watch, that’s for sure, but I do not think I will ever like Game of Thrones (I really am not sorry for GoT fans, I do believe that it is a too valued series for no obvious reasons). Also, the only honorable mention I will do is for Orange is the New Black which I am currently watching and I love it, but I still have a long way to go to have a complete picture. Finally, I will also have to watch Peaky Blinders (since almost all of my friends suggest it) and perhaps I may have to revise the list really soon – I’ve heard that it is such a qualitative tv series.

Did I miss anything? Did you favorite tv series make it, or did not make it up the list? Enjoy the rest of the week!


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