Top 10 Movies that made me cry naked in the shower

Written by Vanitas

Did your ex bang you best friend? Did you fail that test you studied so hard for? Did YOU bang your partner’s best friend and now feel like shit? Fear no more, here’s a list with movies you can cry your eyes out! There are spoilers in this list so read carefully. I will tag every movie with a spoiler or spoiler free tag.

Number 10: The Bridge to Terabithia [Spoilers]
Starting with this little cute movie, a children’s movie someone would say, right? WRONG. You don’t just DO things like that. It’s a movie about two children having difficulties fitting in their school so they decide to hang out together and create a magical world. Terabithia and let me tell you they are the cutest fucking couple. Until the girl dies. How dare they just kill her, holy shit, I was so shocked when this happened just go watch the movie or don’t cause I just spoiled the ending, anyway whoops.

Number 9: Seven Pounds [Spoiler Free]
“There’s been a suicide”
“Who’s the victim?”
That’s how the movie starts and let me tell you it got me fucking intrigued. A young man with an ugly secret decides to change the life of seven random strangers to redeem himself. It’s the story of a man consumed by remorse and the pain of having lost a loved one, who finds himself face-to-face with the one thing he expected the least, the opportunity to start again, to live a new life. Should he?

Number 8: Million Dollar Baby [Spoiler Free]
A young woman, definitely not living the American Dream, working as a waitress decides to take up fighting and, well, kick some ass. She convinces an old man to train her and that’s how the real story begins. But this isn’t a story with a pretty ending. It’s about life’s cruelty and how you can touch the stars but fall lower than the fucking Mariana Trench within a moment. I don’t want to spoil this one. Watch it please if you haven’t already.

Number 7: Dead Poets Society [Spoiler Free]
Carpe diem! You don’t know what that means? So you DO live under a rock. Carpe diem means seize the day; and that’s exactly what a young teacher in an extremely strict environment tries to teach his students. Follow your dreams and let no one stop you from doing what you love, how could the man be what he is now if he didn’t follow his heart? But unfortunately we can’t always follow them even though we should. An amazing movie that made me cry as if I was a strict catholic parent and my son came out to me as gay.

Number 6: The Pianist [Spoilers]
I have a thing for World War II movies and I have a thing for music. So when someone manages to combine these two, I have to give it a try. Thank god I did. The Pianist is an amazing movie about a Jewish pianist trapped in the chaos of World War II, a movie filled with depression, death and somehow amazing music, as the pianist’s talent manages to get him pretty far in this rotten world. But is it enough to survive? And even if it is enough to survive…is it worth it?

Number 5: Requiem for a Dream [Spoilers]
Well kids, the lesson is clear. Don’t. Do. Drugs. Or you might end up whoring yourself for money, go mad or lose your fucking arm. Yeah. Tough shit. The movie beats the shit out of you minute by minute showing you the dark side of the addiction we all know but haven’t witnessed. A very sad masterpiece that never promised a happy ending and didn’t deliver one either. Watch the human decay and how relationships between friends, lovers and family are poisoned by drugs and whisper to yourself after the end of the movie “Holy shit”. Yeah, please watch that.

Number 4: Grave of the Fireflies [Spoilers]
Two young  siblings, a boy and a girl have to survive in the toxic environment of the World War II in Japan. The war is almost over but that doesn’t mean that the children will have it easy. Forced to scavenge to survive, steal and break their morality while also trying to keep their spirits up, this movie will show you how wonderfully a brother can love his sister and vise versa. They will experience hardship, they will experience loss and they won’t make it and that’s the saddest part. Since the beginning, you are informed that they won’t last, you see them struggling to survive, all in vain. Because even though this is a story, it’s based on reality. And reality can be that brutal.

Number 3: Dancer in the Dark [Spoiler Free]
This movie will make you feel empty. It will completely an utterly drench your emotions from your body. A young woman with a child tries to live by while also pursuing her dream to act and dance. Unfortunately she suffers from a disease that will make her, eventually, go blind and she knows that her child is also affected. She has to raise money for a surgery in order to secure the future of her young boy but not all go as planned. Sometimes there are just some good people out there, twisted because of the hardship of reality and forced to immorality; and that affects our young protagonist. Watch this movie, it’s truly a hidden gem.

Number 2: Mary and Max [Spoiler Free]
A young girl has no friends. An old man has no friends. The young girl chooses randomly a name and an address from a phone book and writes a letter to the old man. The old man sees it and replies. That’s how one of the most incredibly cute relationships I have ever witnessed starts. Friends are indeed the family you choose and sometimes friends can be thousands of miles away from you. But you still are friends. A VERY heartbreaking story about this relationship unfolds as we experience in this incredibly well done stop-motion animation, the difficult life of a teenager who feels that doesn’t belong, to an autistic middle-aged man addicted to food. I cried as if I was cutting onions during my mother’s funeral.

Number 1: End of Watch [Spoiler Free]
A movie about two cops that become best friends and partners. It manages to depict perfectly the everyday life of a cop in USA and all the things they have to go through while also trying to fit in some “life” in what they call “every day routine”. Do friends and family, lovers and children have a place in the life of a police officer? The two partners stumble upon a case that they shouldn’t have and so the Pandora’s Box is opened, unleashing hell on these good men trying to just go by.  The chemistry between the two actors is amazing, their characters are spot-on and the story is so beautiful that you really need to see what movie made it in to the Number 1 spot of the Top 10 Films that made me cry naked in the shower.

Nothing more to add, go watch these movies and cry. A lot.




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