10 creepy movie characters that we ‘love to hate’.

Written by Eleanor.

This is a list that promises to introduce you to or to remind you some creepy and/or terrifying figures of the big screen. We enjoy their psychotic faces, their obsessions and their (sometimes) murderous instincts. Here are some great actors giving astonishing performances!

1.Javier Bardem as Anton in No country for old men.


Who didn’t freak out (a little bit) with Bardem’s ‘innocent’ smile throughout the movie? Who didn’t freak out with his murderous techniques and his ritualistic process? Even his funny hair combined with his psycho look complete this creepy character.

2. Kathy Bates as Annie in Misery.


Oh, this woman is going to haunt your dreams. She is one of those fans that no artist would wish to have. She is keeping her favorite writer in a room, carefully plans her lies and actions and she is capable of everything, literally EVERYTHING in order to keep him with her. Her looks of an everyday woman, her sweet face and voice are the perfect camouflage for her intentions.

3. Christian Bale as Patrick in American Psycho.

A smiling Christian Bale with an axe in his hand in American Psycho

He is rich, handsome and obsessed with perfection but he has one (little) flaw: his inability to control his murderous instincts. Keeping his apartment full of murderous weapons (from different kinds of knives to saws), he invites his victims, puts some music and talks calmly about the song and the singer. And then….. he improvises on the killing process.

4. Jack Nicholson as Jack in The Shining.


In my opinion, one of the scariest and creepiest faces in the history of cinema is this one. Nicholson’s smile and harmonious movements while he is possessed by murderous instincts gives us the chills.

5.Antony Perkins as Norman Bates in Psycho.


A rather harmless man, polite and seemingly calm, owns a hotel. But every night he is possessed by his murderous self and kills the hotel guests. One of the most famous murder scenes, with the lady in the shower, is executed by Norman. The constant shift from an innocent look to a psychotic one, perplexes the viewer and raises the tension.

6.Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis in Nightcrawler.


Louis aspires to become a well-known news reporter and his devious mind comes up with many plans in order to achieve his goal. Gyllenhaal’s big eyes, focused on bloody crime scenes and fatal accidents, have a sheer coldness and an inexplicable apathy.

7.Dennis Hopper as Frank in Blue Velvet.


He has some mother issues, he inhales violently from a breathing mask, he has a creepy smile, he is sexually abusive and he has frequent bursts of anger. Every time he appears in the movie, not only the viewers but also the characters are waiting for something really bad to happen.

8.Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight.


Clown-like painted face, weird scars extended from the two sides of his mouth, creepy laughter and an extremely clever and devious mind. Joker is probably the best enemy of Batman and we love to hate him!

9. Antony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal in The Silence of the Lambs.


We all know Hannibal’s story, his craving for human flesh, his ritualistic killing techniques and his marvelous cooking skills. Well, Hopkins is freakishly good in Hannibal’s portrayal.

10. Malcolm McDowell as Alex in A Clockwork Orange.


It is not only his perverse actions but also the coldness with which he executes them. His apathy towards his victims is remarkable. A peculiar and creepy character, who personally gave me the chills during the entire movie.




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