What about going to the cinema tonight? Florence Foster Jenkins is now playing


Written by Ariadne

About a week ago, I went along with my dearest friend Stamatis to the movies. We traveled all the way to the northern suburbs of Athens, and more specifically to the area of Kifissia, in order to watch Meryl Streep’s new movie in avant-premiere. You may have heard of it , it’s now playing and it is entitled as Florence Foster Jenkins ( or else in Greek, Florence: Φάλτσο Σοπράνο ).

Now that I’m lying on the sofa listening to Rihanna’s new (amazing) track , I decided to dedicate a few hours in order to talk to you about this rare quality of a movie and aesthetics as traced in the movie above.

You see, Florence is this real-life soprano who is.. uhm, let’s say a woman characterized by a true and real passion for the arts and ,especially, for music; but, nevertheless, happens to be -let’s say- a bit off-key ! To be honest, I believe the cinema’s audience might still be laughing when reminiscing Streep’s singing! You see, her husband (Hugh Grant) who nurtures a deep appreciation for his wife, and they both share a mutual and understanding kind of love, struggles for her in order to be listened only by audiences which would be keen on this particular kind of …singing . This movie exposes us towards the disarming effect of protective and caring love. Sometimes, this kind of love and affection drives people further and further away from reality, into actually, a shelter of illusions.

But this is not all there is,  Florence Foster Jenkins is about devotion and dreaming as well. If love means to take care of the people you love, thus feeding them with all sorts of disillusions or to be a constant discouragement, letting them drive a life of unfulfilled desires and dissatisfaction…


There comes a moment where Florence actually wants to sing in front of a great big unknown audience… so what the heck is going to happen now?

What I liked about this movie is that I laughed my ass off as well as the rest of the audience did! What I loved about this film is that I (almost) cried at the very end. What I adored about this movie is that, as it seems, making a fool of yourself is nothing compared to living in the realm of your gigantic ,majestic dreams! Dreams might take you to places you maybe have never even dreamed of and that is, one great big fat reason why to chase them after all.

The world of Florence is set in New York, real yet unreal, dreamy yet cynical, caring yet sarcastic, hilarious yet filled with a heart-breaking plethora of emotions…


I greatly encourage you to go to any theater near you to enjoy this wonderful movie. Personally, I even expect to see our dear Meryl at the 2017 Academy Awards Ceremony back again next year, and you will see why!

That was me pals, AGAIN! And that was my review about the week’s suggestion. Nothing left to say , just …enjoy!

See you!


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