I Origins (2014): The eyes are the windows to the soul

Written by Eleanor

As one of the movies that combine successfully sci-fi and romance, I Origins is not a movie about a love story but a movie about the meaning of life itself. Ian, a rationalist scientist meets Sofi, a girl who believes in God and spirituality. Sofi has a pair of peculiar and extraordinary eyes that instantly attracts him. The two of them fall instantly in love and share some happy and romantic moments. BUT their beautiful moments together will take a different turn once they are trapped in an elevator…


image source:hollywoodreporter

*Normally at this point I have to provide a HUGE spoiler but I won’t because it will ruin the climax of the movie*

Ian is a scientist and he tries to prove that eyes have an evolution and they does not simply exist from the moment of creation. Along with Sofi’s eyes, her belief and faith in a divine power and their separation after a dramatic incident, Ian will doubt his belief in science and he will acknowledge the fact that some things in life cannot be explained by using logic…


So, the movie revolves around the belief in resurrection and afterlife as opposed to the scientific approach of death as just the end of your life in Earth. The movie will make you think for days what you actually believe in… Do you believe in God? Do you believe that after death your soul possesses another body and carries your memories with it? Or you believe that death is just… the end?






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