Top 10 Most Badass Women

Written by Vanitas

Delivering one-liners, kicking ass, proving you there’s no “weaker sex” and all that while looking amazing, here’s a list of 10 women that were real badasses. Just a clarification, this list was made with only one character per franchise.

Number 10: Black Widow (The Avengers)
Sure she doesn’t have enough screen time and sure she isn’t that essential to the team. But you really have to hand it to her, she is in a team with a 3-meter, havoc-wrecking green beast, a super soldier who wields a shield made of the world’s toughest material, the freaking god of thunder and a genius man with the world’s greatest technology in his hands and an almost unlimited power source. She is smart, deadly and always underestimated. She is in a team made by the world’s elites — and that should tell you more than enough of how badass and capable the Black Widow is.


Number 9: Shosanna (Inglourious Basterds)
She is devious and careful. But is that all a Jewish woman needs to survive the Nazis? Shosanna is a woman with a goal and she has dedicated her whole life to it. Getting away with murdering scumbag Nazis day by day while convincing everyone she is a cute, helpless woman is a tough job. Tough enough to earn her a position in my most badass women list.


Number 8: Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Lisbeth is a woman with a tough past and (apparently) an even tougher future. She is a co-star in Stieg Larsson’s Millenium heptalogy that was never completed due to the writer’s death. She can hack anything, find everything and do even more. World-famous and respected by anyone who actually knows her, she is smart and dangerous– traits that she presents whenever she has the chance– and with a long history of abuse and pain, being that awesome is definitely a tough job.


Number 7: Alice (Resident Evil)
Even though someone can easily doubt how good the Resident Evil series are on screen, that doesn’t mean that Alice is not a complete badass. Fighting off the Zombie Apocalypse pretty much singlehandedly with powers that make her as dangerous as anything that lies in her world, no one can underestimate her; at least without dying horribly. She has proven herself more than a few times and that’s why she is in this list.


Number 6: The Angel of Verdun (Edge of Tomorrow)
Rita is no simple soldier even though she is simply a human. She is humanity’s last chance to fight off the aliens and she is humanity’s toughest soldier. No one is her equal– everyone knows that and everyone respects her. That is, until Cage appears with a weird ability and is up to The Angel of Verdun to train the rookie and eventually save humanity. But even with extra abilities, Cage could not stand against her. She shines in the battlefield and is the definitely the most badass character in the movie.


Number 5: Princess Leia Organa (Star Wars saga)
You all know her. You all know why she is in this list but nevertheless let me remind those that don’t. No matter who you are she will obliterate your self-esteem with her witty insults. She is Space Hitler’s daughter and she uses that to spy for the Rebels. Although she was a bit of a damsel-in-destress at the beginning, Leia will remind you that she can definitely take care of herself. How? How about by strangling her own captor with the chains he placed around her? Yeah, badass. I could go on and on about her but you either know all these things, or you really need some Star Wars education.


Number 4: Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road)
She is the Imperator Furiosa, a one-woman army, surviving in a male-dominant society where women are pretty much used only for breeding. She climbed up the hierarchy, killed a bunch of ugly-ass Immoran Joe’s goons and all that with one hand. Boom. Badass. She and Max managed to destroy the forces of Immoran Joe more than once during this 2-hour-long movie and after all, who could doubt her?


Number 3: Sarah Connor (Terminator 2)
How could I not include Sarah? Since the first scene of Terminator 2 she kicks ass. Facing against robots specially programmed to destroy humans she can take care of herself and no one doubts it. She is resourceful, kinda like a female MacGyver. When the T-1000 jabs her in the shoulder with his finger that turns into a knife and tries to torture her for information? Sarah Connor doesn’t give a shit about that either. She will kick ass and you are gonna watch.

Number 2: Eowyn (Lord of the Rings)
The most badass shieldmaiden across Middle Earth, brave and fearless. She killed the fucking Witch King with one of the most badass one-liners ever delivered in one of the most epic scenes in the saga –“I am no man”– which echoed through the battlefield before she stabbed the Witch King’s brains out and it should echo in the halls of Women…badassery…or something, I don’t know where I was going with that sentence. Anyway, even though there are many great women in the Lord of the Rings saga I HAD to pick Eowyn.


Number 1: The Bride (Kill Bill)
Surprise, surprise the most badass woman is The Bride. She was in an elite squad of assassins, survived a bullet to the head, went against an army of trained killers and killed them all, was trained by one of the most badass Asian kung-fu masters that would not teach Caucasians, Americans nor women. And she was a fucking Caucasian American woman. She killed the leader of the Crazy 88 right after killing all of them together. She made the heart of one of the most dangerous men on earth explode with a secret technique. How could anyone doubt that Tarantino’s gem would not take the first place in this list?


This was my list and I have some honorable mentions now. Special Agent Bloom from the Boondock Saints 2, Ellen Ripley from Alien (she would be in this list but I haven’t seen Alien, yeah judge me) O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill. O-Ren Ishii almost took the Bride’s position but after much thought the Bride beat her. Just like in the movie. So, see ya next time. Tell me if I missed someone.



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