The 10 most delightful foodporno movies


Written by Ariadne

Have you ever thought of the times we spend eating, talking about what to eat, where to eat, what to cook tomorrow , what not to cook tomorrow and what we desire to eat at the very moment… Well, my point is that food is not just a proccess we just deal with on a regular basis but a great and vital part of our lives as well. To me food just tends to make things better, no matter how worse they may seem. I have noticed that there are indeed some movies which produce the same quality and variety of feelings as only the most satisfying full-meal of your favorite place can. These movies are of my favorite kind and, honestly, of pure pleasure. My dear beloved ones… let’s talk about food.

Warning: Do not see this on empty stomach!

10. Le Chef (2012)

Do you know how hard it is for a chef to come up constantly with new ideas, find inspiration or invent something new? Oh boy, being a chef comes along with a lot of trouble and when talking about a french master chef, you know it’s going to be as good as it can possibly get. The movie never forgets the purpose and true inspiration for cooking a great meal and that is  to cook for those that mean the world to you as cooking for your daughter before her big day at work. And here it is…


9. The Help (2011)

The Help constitutes one of the most touching and honest movies about civil rights and racial relations in the segregated Southern America of the early 1960s. The true stories of the coloured maids, that constitute the help , in Jackson ,Mississippi will amaze you and be imprinted deep in your hearts as will shape your thoughts and way of thinking in general. In this movie, there are some glimpses of real, delighting and funny, I’d say,  cooking. As it seems, it’s one of vital importance in everyone’s life and something that brings us closer . Right?


8. Haute Cuisine (2012)

I will tell you one very specific thing about this movie. I believe it was during the Christmas holidays when I accidentally saw a single scene of this movie on TV and it immediately magnetized me (you see it was a food scene !) and my dad while passing by said , Oh I’ve seen this movie! It’s a film about  François Mitterrand’s personal cook who was cooking so nice that the great big french president was very moved because eating her food was like a memory of his years as a little kid .


7. Marie Antoinette (2006)

This movie, unless you haven’t seen it, has been highly criticized for its point of view and historical inaccurancies, but I’m gonna state only this… The outfits and the food and the candy (oh, the candy…) of this movie are truly and merely works of art! And no one shall deny this!



6. A Touch of Spice/ Πολίτικη Κουζίνα (2003)

History, astrophysics, deep human emotions and gastronomy intermingle in unexpected and magnificent ways in this film. It is touching and beautiful and speaks through the way people cook and eat altogether about the things we lost, we long, we desired and, at the very end, we never said.


5. Babette’s Feast (1987)

This one ,ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most iconic and memorable movies in food history ever. What I particularly liked about this movie is that the real subject and the title’s explanation , are only revealed by the end of it. Secondary, it’s about extraordinary food of grand cuisine for those of you with extremely eclectic and refined tastes who never get compromised. Be prepared for Babette’s feast people, and probably the best meal of your life at the Café Anglais…


4. Chocolat (2000)

This movie has it all. A distant and odd french community, a new patisserie, a picturesque village, a funny mayor, tones of chocolate and Johnny Depp! Is there anything else you’d like? I didn’t think so either.

Chocolat _redhoodedcapeVianne

3. Like Water for Chocolate / Como agua para chocolate (1992)

This one dear people, is one of the most surreal and sanguine movies I have ever seen in my entire life. In order to give you just a glimpse of what this is all about, the special connection this unique girl, named Tita, has with cooking leads to a mystical and extraordinary way to expressing her oppressed and intimate feelings ,especially those concerning her true love, Pedro, thus by cooking and sometimes even producing them to those who taste the flavour of it… People, as its themes and cooking , this movie is pure magic.


2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

A chocolate factory where everything is edible, waterfalls of hot chocolate appear in front of you,  tiny people that sing to you, a tour to the best factory of the entire world and Johnny as the tour guide??? This movie has the taste of heaven !


  1. Chef (2014)

Don’t get confused, this is not about the list’s first movie. This one is about a chef who gets no satisfaction and resolves to new and improved menus of his restaurant on quite a regular basis. His boss though, thinks otherwise. You see, the movie indicates that no matter how great you are as a chef , in order to cook well ,you need to cook what you really desire to and do it for those you love and only. And so he quits and buys a food truck ! Street food had never looked better and more fascinating than this great little gem about what else… life, love and food.




That was me pals, AGAIN ! I made this list with lots of love and a great appetite. I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it as much as I do and enrich your film lists or improve your cooking skills.. Who knows?

Till next time, have a nice weekend


And I’m probably going to cook something right now

So, see you!


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