Top 10 romantic movies you can watch with your girl without wishing you were dead in the first 20 minutes

Written by Vanitas


After choosing the “most generic white couple watching movie” image I could find for a thumbnail I am giving you the “Top 10 romantic movies you can watch with your girl without wishing you were dead in the first 20 minutes”.
Side note: The list is in no particular order.

Number 10: I, origins.
This movie is in my top 10. Probably. I don’t know, I don’t actually have a top 10. Anyway, it’s about science and love and it has a REALLY interesting plot that surprisingly pleased me. I am not one to enjoy purely romantic movies, so take my advice and watch this movie with your girl.


Number 9: 50/50
It’s kind of a comedy plus some romance and also about friendship and…yeah it’s about a lot of things. Anyway it’s an enjoyable movie with the cutest actress in the world, Anna Kendrick. ALSO THERE’S CANCER IN IT but it’s not a “The fault in our stars” rip-off or something. It’s a pretty chill movie so you don’t even have to be 100% focused when you watch it either.


Number 8: Me and Earl and the dying girl.
A movie about cancer! Again! So, I either like cancer, or directors like cancer in their movies. Anyway, it’s borderline romantic. The narration is really cool and this movie has something that I have never felt in a movie before. I can’t get my head around it to describe it in a short text like this, but I think it’s the movie’s overall style. It’s a pretty “under the radar” movie so if you watch this with your girl she will feel as if you really searched for this movie.


Number 7: Intouchables.
A French movie about a guy from the ghetto that somehow ends up helping a quadriplegic rich guy. Borderline romance again, there’s a bit of romance in it, I am not sure if this movie should be on this list to be honest, but it’s a great watch. It’s a comedy drama and let’s face it, that’s probably the only way that someone can seriously watch a comedy. After all, look how happy they look!


Number 6: Her.
A movie about how relationships are going to be in the future. A guy installs the latest software from the leading software company in the world and it’s a great AI that can fully communicate with the user. The AI is voiced by Scarlett Johansson so naturally, the protagonist falls in love with her. It’s a weird movie to be honest but it’s really well made.


Number 5: Comet.
An alternate title could be “The weirdo gets the girl”. It’s about a couple’s relationship. The timeline is weird, jumping back and forth and you might need some time in the movie to get used to it but it’s a cool movie that has deeper meanings and you’re going to stay entertained until you figure out what this is all about.


Number 4: The Theory of Everything.
Ok, so I guess what a romantic movie needs to have for me to like it is…science? Maybe. The movie it’s about the life of the world famous, Stephen Hawking, and how the love of his wife pretty much kept him going even after the terrible disease struck him. Eddie Redmayne, earned his Oscar in this film so that should tell you more than I can ever possibly tell you about how great and spot on he is.


Number 3: Source Code.
An action movie about a guy that relives the final moments of another guy and falls in love with the girl of the other guy and also has to find a bomb in the train they are in. Confused? It’s ok, it is a bit confusing. The movie keeps you on your toes for the duration of it and speaks of a romance in truly the weirdest place and time ever. Watch a guy doomed to relive the moment that his new love dies again and again until he finds a way to “change” the past and save her. Will he?


Number 2: The Notebook.
Number 2: Juno.
A girl takes a guy’s virginity and the girl gets pregnant. The thing is that it was somewhat of a one-time-thing so now they have to decide what to do. Fun and interesting movie, easy to watch with the great somehow-I-became-an-actor Michael Cera (cause we all love this guy, be honest) and Ellen Page. The movie is kind of cute and you will have fun watching it.


Number 1: Mr. Nobody.

Last but SURE AS HELL not least, my favourite movie of all times, Mr. Nobody. A movie about a really old fella who lives in an age of impure humans is the final pure human so naturally someone goes to interview him in his final hours. But as he starts telling his life story suddenly you realise that he describes more than one lives. How is this possible? How the hell is there romance in this? Is there an explanation for all this? You have to pay close attention to this, in my opinion, masterpiece, starring Jared Leto, famous for Requiem for a Dream, 30 seconds to Mars and of course, being the new Joker in Suicide Squad.


So that’s the list for, probably, the longest title I ever had to type. I have some movies that didn’t make the list, not because they aren’t great movies but because you can’t really call them “romantic”. The movies are Leo the Professional, Up! by Disney and Bridge to Terabithia. You can check these movies too of course, but if you haven’t checked out the movies above, do yourself a favour and watch them with your lovebird.


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