Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) “Like you, I have fought with all my might not to forget. Like you, I have forgotten.”

Written by Eleanor

Starting as a documentary about the city of Hiroshima after the bomb, Alain Resnais ended up with a love story during this period. A love story, as destructive for the life of the two people, as the Hiroshima bomb for the city…

A French actress spends some days in Hiroshima and meets a Japanese architect. Two anonymous people, She and He, involved in a short term affair, explore Love and History, . The opening scene and the following approximately 10 minutes are one of the most impressive sequences in the history of cinema.. Two people holding each other, their bodies covered in dust become visible by a stream of light. A voice over discusses romantic feelings accompanied by references to Hiroshima city after the bomb. The camera wanders around the city and captures the inhabitants, the streets and Nature. Images and words of love are mingled with horrific images of the bombs aftereffects.


The movie is an impressing amalgamation of past and present, of real and unreal. The lovers use the language of statistics to refer to the victims of the atomic bomb, along with the poetic language to express their romantic feelings. The movie does not offer any real action, or a climax but instead focuses on the inner turbulence, the emotional intensity of the two lovers. Closeups on faces and objects highlight their emotions and thoughts not only about their affair but also on History itself. At the final scene of the movie She has to decide on the lovers fate.. Is she going to follow her heart or is he going to become a song?

Hiroshima 1.png





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