Top 10 Movies to prove that you are a disgrace to your family

Written by Vanitas



Have you ever felt that you will never be good at something in your life? Well here are a few movies to give you inspiration. But inspiration is not enough. Always remember that every corpse on Everest was once an extremely motivated person! This is a list about geniuses either in maths, music, arts and everything, really. Without further ado…

Number 10: Good Will Hunting
A story about a young man who works as a janitor and hangs with his “hood” friend that is in reality a mathematical genius, solving equations that have troubled professors for years. The professors want to take advantage of him but in order to do so he has to restrain himself. To do that, they hire a psychologist that will eventually become Will’s best friend. Experience the life of a genius and find out how he perceives love, friendship and even hate. A really good watch, that was once one of my favourite movies.


Number 9: Exam
A really famous company has one position open and is hiring. Eight people are considered for the job and to clarify who will actually be the winner they have to take an exam. They are locked underground in a weird looking room and they are given some rules: They must not talk to the Invigilator. The must not talk to the armed guard at the door. They must not spoil their paper. They must not exit the room. If they do, they are disqualified; and with that the exam begins. But the catch is, there is no question in the paper they gave them. Watch as eight smart people try to come up with an answer to this peculiar exam, a weird movie that’s worth the watch.


Number 8: Pawn Sacrifice
The story about your friendly neighborhood, chess genius child, Bobby Fischer. There are 2 or 3 movies about this guy. That should give you an example of why you should watch this. Anyway on to the plot, Bobby is an antisocial child that falls in love with chess early on in life and decides to take on the world and become the world’s best chess player. America relies on him to beat the masters of chess, the Russians, during the Cold War. Imagine the weight on Bobby’s shoulders. The movie explores how difficult it’s for a child, and later a man, to cope with these responsibilities and how he flirts with insanity until the very end of the movie.


Number 7: The Walk
Have you ever seen a movie…about a wire walker? Fret no more, your chance is now! The Walk is the TRUE story of the great highwire artist Philippe Petit and his attempt to realise his greatest dream. Walk the immense void between the World Trade Center towers. Fucking insane. It’s a pretty movie that manages to take you there with him and cause you vertigo while you sit on your couch. It takes more than balance to walk on the highwire and this incredible movie about Philippe proves it.


Number 6: 8 Mile
I know, why didn’t I place this in the 8th position right? Shame on me. Anyway, is there someone in this world that denies that Eminem’s a genius? This story is about Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith, a young rapper struggling with life while he lives with his mother and his little sister in a trailer trying to make it big. After a huge fail at the beginning of the movie, during his first official rap battle in which he froze and didn’t speak at all, Jimmy struggles to find a balance between work, his mother’s boyfriend, a new love interest and his rap career that seems further than ever. You all can sing “Lose Yourself” and this is where this song was born. Give it a watch, the story’s worth it.


Number 5: Rush
Do you love fast cars and cocky drivers? Of course you do. That’s why you will love Niki Lauda’s and James Hunt’s rivalry. Formula One is a jungle and you have to kill the lion to become the king. Lauda and Hunt know that. The true story of the two stars of Formula One show how much more important this is than a simple car race. It’s about flirting with death, their addiction to adrenaline and the final apotheosis when you know that you are the best in the world. And that’s why these two giants fight against each other.


Number 4: Whiplash (2014)
What’s the difference between hard work and being a natural? A young drummer tries to make a breakthrough by risking everything to become the best. He always trains to the maximum of his abilities, sometimes injuring himself in the process, with the fear of “not being good enough” lingering behind him every day and every night. Watch this young man’s life getting twisted by his dangerous obsession with becoming the best and his teacher feeding his demons to create the next absolute drum player. After all, there are no two words in the English language more harmful than “good job”.


Number 3: Social Network
You see it everywhere. You know how it sounds and you know how it looks. It’s everywhere around you and there’s no denying it that it pretty much has taken over the globe. It’s blue and addictive, it’s Facebook and this is a story about its creator, the world-famous billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg. There’s much controversy to this story that I won’t spoil. See the birth of facebook, its rise and its establishment as one of the most, if not THE most, popular website in the world.


Number 2: Rain Man
There are only a handful of movies in which I love the dynamic between two protagonists and this is one of them. Charlie is a young man trying to get around in life when he finds out that his father has passed away. He travels with his girlfriend in order to settle the estate but finds out that most of his father’s fortune is directed to an unknown person. He finds out that this person resides in a mental institution and, long story short, that he is the brother he never knew, Raymond. Raymond resides in the mental institution because he suffers from autism. Now, Charlie, has to gain custody of his brother in order to get their father’s fortune into his hands. Watch as this relationship slowly but surely evolves into a loving one and watch these two actors bond like no other duo has bonded. An amazing movie to watch, you should give Tom Cruise a chance.


Number 1: Amadeus
Name three classical composers. Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart most definitely popped into your mind. “Mozart, forgive your assassin! I confess… I killed you”. Those are the starting lines of the movie about one of the greatest composers this planet has ever known. Writing symphonies at 11 years old and composing masterpieces even earlier than that age while having mastered the piano, no one can doubt that it takes a genius to do so. Experience the amazing story of one of the biggest geniuses of the last millennium narrated by his secret rival, Antonio Salieri, which was confined to an insane asylum in his last days. Find out about the eccentric prodigy that still conquers the operas of the world even three centuries after his death and watch the cunning plot that was created to drive him to his death. It’s a masterpiece of a movie, for a masterpiece of a human.


So this is my list and of course honorable mentions are “A Beautiful Mind” about John Nash and “The Imitation Game” about Alan Turing but I didn’t feel as if these movies matched the greatness of those above. Also, I wanted to mix the list up a bit combining cars, music and even highwire. Hope you enjoyed it and that some of these movies made it to your watchlist. Till next time.


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