My 10 favorite Teen Movies

Written by Ariadne


Do you ever think of the past? I mean, is there anyone who doesn’t? When I’m lost in these thoughts of mine, there are certainly some nights that seem brighter than the others, more blissful and more colorful than all the rest… Those were the nights where we were young, when we knew nothing but to go out and have fun and talk… talk about all sorts of things… Well, I certainly miss these good old times and I believe I’m not the only one! Here’s for you all, a list with all the movies we used to watch back then and cherish a little something of all of us within… Enjoy !!
10. Never Been Kissed (1999)

This one is as silly as it is weird. You see, it’s about a journalist’s effort to go back to high school for an article she prepares , and therefore she has now the chance to be one of the cool kids since she had pretty traumatic experiences as a teen! However, as it turns out , you can’t fool people cause in order to play it cool …you have to be cool!


9. Scream (1996)

It is not that this movie is scary as shit or that Drew Barrymore dies in the first 15 minutes of the film but that it is utterly a scary teen-movie which at the whole time mocks the conventions of horror movies; up until the moment where all students are actually …murdered! Cult value: Favorite Halloween costume since elementary school !!!


8. Heathers (1988)

Do you ever wonder what would happen if schools got cleaned up from every selfish bitch and every douchebag of a football player? Well , Winona Ryder and her psycho- boyfriend attempt to murder all the cool kids of their high-school… Find out the rest !


7. Paranoid Park (2007)

Gus Vant Sant had once created this morbid tale where a young skater boy finds himself completely lost after a fatal accident in the dark strands of a skate park one fine evening after school… This one is dark and monotonous, but so is adolescence too sometimes… Don’t you think?


6. Twilight (2008)

Okay Twilight ,not my cup of tea. When I was in junior high though, it used to be a big thing going on. And I’m talking big time. Plus, this modern version of Romeo & Juliet- while tossing out some doses of unreal and mythical elements- is quite catchy ! And to conclude, every single girl had this inexplicable crush on Robert Pattinson and this constant appetite to punch Kristen Stewart right in the face !


5. Mean Girls (2004)

Before the drugs and the alcohol, Lindsay Lohan used to be a teen queen (!) and an it-girl(!!) and my sister had a picture of hers on the inside of her closet! One of her most momental movies ever, is this particular gem right here. No introductions are required to talk about Mean Girls , if you are however one of the few, catch up noow !!!

4. Easy A (2010)

I would say that no words are required in order to explain what this is about… But if I had to, I’d just say that Emma Stone is this smart chick who makes a fool of her entire school (and without even knowing at first) that she is just another …easy mark ! And so she turns the upside down of it ! Go Emma!


3. Clueless (1995)

My dear beloved cinefreaks, this is the gem I’m most proud of! It’s all about avoiding gym in school, going to parties, changing outfits, changing the world! If you haven’t seen this , remember of Iggy Azalea’s Fancy video cause it was inspired by it, and I bet you know that!


2. Thirteen (2003)

This was one of the movies we were so compelled to watch as teens because of all its provocative, dark, violent and extreme themes.You get haunted by the idea of an innocent thirteen-year-old girl to get to do the things that she does in the film and more suprisingly her willingness and enthousiasm to do all these things. The darkest and most intimate feelings and traumatic experiences come to light and their revelation stuns the unsuspected viewer.


  1. Dazed and Confused (1993)

It’s a magazine, it’s a song, it’s also an AWESOME movie ! Just to give you a glimpse of how cool this film is, Quentin Tarantino included it on his list of the 10 greatest movies of all time in the 2002 Sight and Sound poll (!!) In all its simplicity and youthfulness, this movie will unfold various incidents during the final day of school before the summer holidays… driving in cars , pulling pranks, hundreds of beers, a few joints, a couple of fights, young summer love but most of all, what it’s like to be young, dazed and confused!



That was me pals, once more! I really enjoyed making this list for you and could not really wait to show it to you! What about a movie-marathon tonight?

Lots of love and a happy weekened to you all…







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