My 10 TDF movies from the 90s


Written by Ariadne


Okay guys, now that we’ve been quite acquainted , I have a confession to make ! Everyone enjoys a guilty pleasure once in a while. Well, not a very guilty one like watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians (never been there! ) but a quite similar one…Well, I enjoy watching old movies from the 90s . This is not going to be a list with fancy names such as Clueless or Basic Instinct , this is going to be a list with movies that nobody knows and are just TDF. Movies you might know or have never really heard of before! But I’m telling you, you’re surely gonna love them all!

Here we go !

  1. Jack (1996)

Jack is a movie you might have heard of (but it’s definitely one of my favorites ) and one of those movies you can hardly take out of your mind ever since that time. The reason I chose this film from the 90s is simply because ,as a kid growing up in this decade, this unique movie would stand as a reminder of a certain innocence and childishness we all bear within and share as kids… and we just can’t let it be lost while growing up…


  1. Boys On The Side (1995)

This is a journey that three random women start along, not in order to find themselves but to reestablish their relations with everyone surrounding them. Even though they’re grown-ups , this is a movie about growing up, about loving the one you have near you, about life values, about letting go, women themselves …about leaving boys on the side.


  1. Practical Magic (1998)

I remember watching this film when I was so little and being so intrigued and charmed by its whole plot  ! See, it’s about magic and Sandra Bullock along  Nicole Kidman had never looked hotter (irrelevant) and also love and full of dark heart-breaking themes that look so ordinary and real that it’s just so hard not to have fun watching it.


  1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

This is a very beautiful film where Leo and Johnny star (and although that would be enough) this is a story about family, boyhood, brotherhood and how skillful Leo was as an actor since his young years (note: you’ll probably cry, sorry!)


  1. Foxfire (1996)

Talking about girlsquads, this is another gem you should definitely watch! Plus, Angelina Jolie stars in it! Foxfire is one of these very rare movies about the strength that it takes to be a woman and a girl and to strive for what you feel to be right. Ps: it’s about high school and Angie the epitome of coolness!


  1. Hackers (1995)

The movie that introduced Angelina Jolie to a wide audience is one of the coolest and most futuristic, I dare say, movies I’ve ever seen. Even if you’re not into computers and stuff, this is a movie about how cool and awesome nerds can be! So run asap!


  1. Poison Ivy (1992)

You may have heard of it because of all these ill-fated , cheesy, soft-porn sequels that have followed BUT the first one  was so atmospheric, sexy, weird and fascinating that my list would be incomplete without it in the very first places ! check out the trailer here:


  1. Short Cuts (1993)

I only saw this movie quite recently driven by one of my teachers’ suggestion in addition to a book we’ve been studying. However -and despite a movie three hours long that is- you just can’t change your seat or take your eyes off it without being completely lost over its multiple stories exposing you to the very thin lines among love/ hatred/ passion/ infidelity /revenge/ compassion/ loss and murder (!!)

-Plus, its cast is quite dreamy !


  1. Girl Interrupted (1998)

I believe most of you have probably seen this, but come on! This psycho-social drama about lies and deceit and madness and reality/disillusion is about life itself without the glam sprinkles of tailormade Hollywood perfection all over! With all the fears we have within and all the things tolling over and over in our heads driving us crazy… this is a movie about the madness we all conceal inside !



  1. Playing by Heart (1998)

This is a movie about life itself with just the right doses of fun , black humor, awkwardness, melodrama, honesty and tragedy and finally… love! Just like how the 90s were- Except the Nsync – Britney thing! That is missing !- This movie just shows that when it comes to real life, it turns very hard to play by heart!




That was me pals, AGAIN. And that was my list !

With love…









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