Two movies that will change your life (!)


Written by Ariadne

“Everyone has the right to make an ass of themselves… You can’t let the world judge you too much.”

My Dear Beloved Cinefreaks,


When I was first asked to write an article about two of my favorite films, I got so excited and could not really wait for us to share such an intimate bond(!!!) But, you see, when that moment finally came, it seemed a little bit harder than what I had originally expected. See, it’s like this awkward moment when somebody comes to you asking what your favorite song, at the moment, is and you suddenly, can’t really think of anything else except Justin Bieber’s Sorry …! (Been there !) So, after long hours of tormenting and exhausting thoughts, I decided to write about a couple of movies that hasn’t been a long time since I’ve seen, but was really hard to walk away from ever since… and you’ll soon find out why!

Firstly, let’s talk about Harold and Maude !

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Harold and Maude is a movie that was first introduced to us by Hal Ashby in 1971. It is generally described as a dark comedy or an existential drama. It is a story about friendship, a story about love, a story filled with dark (hysterical) humor , and about life itself… but why you should watch it? Harold and Maude is one of these unique tales about how weird , lonely and dark one can be, only to find out that life is worth living only when lived to the fullest! The movie’s funniest scenes (that meaning all of them) are covered in the music and the lyrics of Cat Stevens and songs like Don’t be Shy or If You Want to Sing Out will make you get off the couch and dance, sing, cry (altogether) and fall in love with whatever you’re looking at while listening to it !

This is a movie about how entrapped we may feel in our own little world, trying to make it sufferable; funny from the inside; tolerable just in a way that works for us; only to realize that life is the most mysterious and funny thing out there. And it truly is!


You just can’t take things too seriously or play it dead for most of the time and as Maude points out , “most of the world’s sorrow comes from people who are like this (while pointing to a little daisy), yet allow themselves to be treated as that ( and a desolate cemetery is revealed everywhere in the screen).” At the end, you realize that you just can’t let yourself die too many times to live just once.


Secondary, let’s talk about A Woman Under the Influence ! The first time I heard about this movie, was when I was reading about Jennifer Lawrence’s favourite movies! And I thought since Katniss aka Jennifer Lawrence is my wingwoman according to a prestigious quiz I did online , I should check what this is about…

During the entire film you get haunted by the idea of what being crazy really means; trying to see Mabel’s character (the lead part) as yourself and how we can all be silly or weird, or even irrational sometimes, only to find ourselves conformed at the very end by others’ expectations and norms. What makes you the perfect wife, an ideal mother, a normal person… all these questions are to be answered while you’re watching this film and you simply don’t seem able to reach the right answer !


John Cassavete’s 1974 masterpiece reveals to us a universe where sooner or later; one way or another; we are all meant to realize that, in fact, we are all crazy ! (Shocking?) We find it easier though, to accuse others of being nuts. There is one thing or two that will make you pause and reflect; like the captive daughter, Mabel , in the middle of a family dinner, who calls for her dad to stand up for her and he simply replies that he doesn’t understand what this means. Or maybe the scene, shortly after, where all Mabel’s children are running after her to make sure she’s okay and she won’t get hurt and refuse by all means to go to bed as instructed by their father.

So, you just can’t help wondering how bad or neglectful towards her family this person can be, as originally accused for, if her children demonstrate such a profound and protective love towards her?

Gena Rowlands is stunning and whirlwinding and haunting ,and you just can’t take your eyes out off her through the entire film. However, the question of trying to be yourself despite people’s sayings keeps on tolling a certain bell inside your head.

But most of all, in order to conclude, I believe A Woman Under the Influence is about the unconditional love two people must share in order to start their new life together! It’s about who you are and if true love is able to forgive the flaws you may have, cause as the film proves , whether we want it or not, we will make mistakes and disappoint others. But true people stay, don’t they? A Woman Under the Influence is a movie about love , about people who know each other and want to be with the person they know and once fell in love with, no matter what others think. And this movie was fantastic.


That was me, pals. I really wish I have broadened your horizons even a little . That you will pretty soon watch my selections and (hopefully) feel the same way I do about them!

I trust you

And I wish you all

A wonderful cinematic rest of the week!



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See you !!!


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