Mon Roi (2015)

                                                                                                                  Written By Eleanor

                          “ They collided, crushed and tried to get their pieces back together


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The fourth film directed by the female director Maiwenn, “Mon Roi” is an unconventional love story narrated by Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot). Tony parties with her friends at a nightclub that she used to work and she introduces herself to Georgio (Vincent Cassel). This immediate attraction leads to a passionate relationship, a marriage and a baby. But what can possible happen when Georgio starts to feel suffocated?

An injured knee admits Tony to a rehabilitation center, where she remembers her life with Georgio, re-evaluates their feelings and actions and acknowledges the self-destructive nature of their relationship. Her accident proves to be a cry for help and a need to break free from Georgio. The injured knee becomes a symbol for Tony’s ‘injured’ heart and her ‘injured’ mental health. It is significant that, although the film is narrated by the point of view of the female partner and it is (at first) implied that she is the only one that suffers, the second half of the film emphasizes on the collaborative action towards destruction. Yes, Georgio is a messed-up person and quite selfish, putting his peace of mind and happiness above his family, BUT Tony was able to identify most of his negative characteristics. Against her brother’s, Solal (Louis Garrel), encouragement to leave her husband, Tony tries to keep her family together.

Georgio’s statement “you leave people for the same reason that attracted you in the first place”, brings to our mind that at their first encounter, Tony approaches Georgio because she remembers him flirting with many and different girls every night at the nightclub. What comes in one’s mind? The cliche “Love is blind” and apparently it is… Tony was fascinated by his free-spirit, his passion and his way with women and those things are exactly the reason why she is emotionally and physically hurt.

The film is a quite realistic and accurate representation of a self-destructive relationship. The director uses many flashbacks throughout the movie and creates emotionally loaded scenes, where extreme happiness and extreme pain are contrasted. This antithesis in both emotions and actions reminds us that there is a fine line between happiness and sorrow. Both Vincent Cassel and Emmanuelle Bercot give some of their best performances: yelling, crying, making love and smiling, conveying the emotional roller-coaster of the characters and the deterioration of their relationship. Louis Garrel and Isild Le Besco are an amazing duet that enhances the contrast between a healthy and a problematic relationship.

Love sometimes is not enough, people get easily hurt and lose themselves in painful relationships. Tony is trying in her own way to keep the family together and Georgio has his own complete different way of trying to work this out. Communication is lost, passion and rage take its place. Will Tony and Georgio have a second chance? Watch the movie and see for your self… Enjoy!

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