The Top 10 movies you must see to pretend you’re smart

Written by Vanitas


Here’s a list of “The Top 10 movies you must see to pretend you’re smart”. I inform the readers that I do not believe that these films are overrated nor they are bad.

Number 1: A Clockwork Orange
A movie from 1971, by Kubrick, that deals with a team of young rebels in UK. One of them gets caught and is sent to a “reform prison”. Can it get better than this? A must see movie that apparently every Art major has seen and believes that is the greatest movie ever made.


Number 2: Trainspotting
Another movie about a group of young men in UK that do drugs all the time and kind of have sex get mixed up with serious business. Essential if you want to participate in a conversation about pop cult movies.


Number 3: V for Vendetta.
Let’s just say that Anarchy in UK is apparently pretty catchy with the kind of people you want to deal with. V has influenced generations long after it was produced and people still try to project their “wannabe” anarchic views through V’s mask.


Number 4: Pulp Fiction
How could this list NOT contain a Tarantino film. Ok to be honest this movie is really good. It’s the typical Tarantino type of movie which means blood, guns, deaths and catchy quotes that are going to stick with you long after the movie. Who doesn’t know the famous quote from Samuel L. Jackson “I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker.”. Well maybe you don’t know it. But that’s why this list is made, to help you hang out with the popular kids (the movie is not black and white).


Number 5: Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of Fleet Street.
It’s Johnny Depp. With Helena Bonham Carter. And Tim Burton. In a classical musical about an insane barber who seeks revenge from those who wronged him. Need I say more? Watch it.

Sweeney Todd
Number 6: America History X
Now, with the rise of Donald Trump we hear the word “nazi” a lot, so you really need to be able to make references to this movie. It’s about your typical Nazi guy who kills black people for fun and ends up in a prison and regrets everything. Still, you need to watch it.


Number 7: Amelie
You all know the pale skinned, black-haired, red lipped pretty lady. No, I am not talking about Snow White, I am talking about Amelie. Your sweet neighbour girl (in French) that feels pressured by the everyday life tries to figure things out. Anyway, great soundtrack and people love you when you talk about French Cinema. It’s a thing between us, the cultured society.


Number 8: Donnie Darko
You have seen the bunny suit, you have heard of him, it’s time to see the movie. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get anything about it, after all it is (SPOILERS) about time travel and parallel universes and the words “time travel” and “parallel universes” are never mentioned in the film so…Yeah. Just watch it and then google what the hell happened.


Number 9: Inception You really thought that I was going to skip DiCaprio? A mind-boggling movie with really cool effects that found its place in our “cultured list” even though it was made in 2010. It’s sci-fi and it’s new so why did it end up in this list? Because it’s simply THAT good.


Number 10: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
To think that Jim Carrey would make it in this list. I think I can count with my one hand the movies where Jim Carrey is not a complete tool throughout the whole movie. This is one of those. A really good romantic movie about a couple that want to forget each other and go through a procedure that will delete their shared memories. A REALLY good movie with Kate Winslet as the girl, that you really need to watch to be able to join our higher society.


That’s it, “The Top 10 movies you must see to pretend you’re smart” list. With a tiny bit of a commentary. Have you seen all of them? Have you seen some of them? Maybe, none? Either way, this is the way to go. Honorable mentions are “The Master”, “Nymphomaniac” and “Fight Club”. Maybe I missed something. Maybe I didn’t. Anyway.



3 thoughts on “The Top 10 movies you must see to pretend you’re smart

  1. * a comment about ‘pretending to be smart’ . I stopped at ‘literal arts student’. No such thing. Thanks anyway.


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